Control of biosynthesis and post-transcriptional modification of the progesterone receptor.


The rabbit progesterone receptor undergoes dual regulation at the level of transcription: positive by estrogens and negative by progestins. The two aspects of this regulation are mediated by a single intragenic estrogen-responsive element. Estrogen receptor binding to this element has been demonstrated but progestin down-regulation does not proceed through DNA binding of the progesterone receptor. This result suggests some kind of protein-protein interaction--direct or indirect--between estrogen and progesterone receptors. At the post-transcriptional level, the progesterone receptor undergoes a hormone-dependent hyperphosphorylation of serine residues localized in the N-terminal region. Studies of progesterone receptor mutants have determined the influence of the different receptor domains in the phosphorylation mechanism. A casein kinase copurifies with the receptor. The role of this phosphorylation remains to be determined.


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