Comparison of the amino acid sequences of RNA-dependent RNA polymerases of cypoviruses in the family Reoviridae *


 The nucleotide sequences of the genome segment S2 of Bombyx mori cypovirus 1, S2 of Lymantria dispar cypovirus 1, S1 of Lymantria dispar cypovirus 14 and S1 of a proposed new electropherotype of Trichoplusia ni cypovirus 15 were determined. These segments encoded putative RNA-dependent RNA polymerases (RDRPs). The deduced amino acid sequences of RDRPs within the genus Cypovirus showed 32% to 94% identities, while extent of homology between RDRPs in the genera Cypovirus and Oryzavirus, a genus most closely related, was approximately 26% identity. Both the genera Cypovirus and Oryzavirus might have originated from a common insect virus ancestor.


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